Of Unexpected Wonderful Surprises – My EduBlog Nomination

I started blogging on September 25 – a little over 2 months ago. And I did so because as I was introduced to the wonderful world of the blogosphere I started posting comments on many of the fantastic blogs by teachers/educators I read. And sometimes those blog posts made me think and reflect and the comments started not being enough. And with the incentive of the great PLN I have, I decided to give it a shot. And it’s been the most rewarding experience. I have learned so much as I wrote the posts, as I read and replied to comments… It has put me in contact with even more great educators. It was an unexpected, wonderful surprise and addition to my life.



And this week I was honored to be nominated by some members of my PLN to the “Best new Blog – EduBlog Awards”. It was yet, another unexpected wonderful surprise that only motivated me even more to work harder at posting and sharing. So I’d like to thank those who thought of my blog, among so many fabulous blogs, for this. I’m very flattered you found me worthy. And take the opportunity to thank all the people who have visited and read my blog, whether you’ve left a comment or not.





And for those who haven’t voted yet, you can do so by clicking on the badge above… It will take you to the category I was nominated for :-))) There are some wonderful blogs, all well worth a visit and a read.

11 comments on “Of Unexpected Wonderful Surprises – My EduBlog Nomination

  1. Vicky Loras says:

    Congratulations Cecilai, with all my heart!

    You definitely deserve it, as your blog is packed with fantastic posts (and are we lucky or what? More are coming!) that we all enjoy reading and make us think. You are one of those bloggers with a new blog that have really done great work and continue doing so!

    My warmest congratulations on your nomination and I wish you all the best in your life and career….sis!


    • Thank you sis!!!! For all your support and kind words… you’re biased though, being my soul sister and all… And thanks for sharing on your blog as well, still waiting for that list of words! 🙂

  2. DaveDodgson says:

    A well-deserved nomination! Even though you’ve only been blogging for a short time, I’ve learnt a few things from your posts both about teaching and about writing blog posts. Thanks for that. 🙂

    However, we are now rivals in the ‘new blog’ category! 😉 Seriously though, I doubt I have much chance of winning but I sincerely hope you do.

    • Likewise Dave 🙂 And I am flattered to be in your company yet again. We seem to keep turning up on the same things. We really should think about a (another?) collaborative project! And you have great chances of winning – your blog is fantastic, on my weekly reading list – Have learned so much from you, from your blog, twitter, chatting. Evidence of the awesome side of twitter eh? Thank Dave! 🙂

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Shelly S Terrell, David Dodgson. David Dodgson said: RT @ShellTerrell: via @cecilialcoelho Of Unexpected Wonderful Surprises – My EduBlog Nomination http://bit.ly/f4fw9b #eltchat […]

  4. David Warr says:

    Congratulations Cecilia, it sounds like you’re bursting with pride!

  5. Rick says:

    Hi Cecília,

    Indeed, a major achievement that can’t go unnoticed. And a well deserved one it is! Ever since I read some of your comments I felt you should be blogging as well. And I’m just glad to have been here from the very beginning. 🙂

    It was really good to see so many people from my PLN running for different categories – and sometimes the same. This only made it harder to cast my votes. 🙂

    Regardless of the results, it’s just good to be acknowledged by those who we admire and learn from! Bursting with pride, celebrating, working harder at posts to come… you have it all! Just make sure you keep those wonderful posts coming!



    • Hi Rick!

      Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words. Blogging and receiving feedback on it have done wonders for my practice, my self-confidence, well all around really. It was a great honor for me, especially because it came from members of my PLN that I respect and admire. One of the things that made me even prouder was because many blogs I love and follow closely are there as well, and to be put alongside with them meant a lot to me. I’ll do my best at keeping posts coming!:-)

      Thanks again, for everything. Here and on twitter – great convos, fun, sharing.


  6. @piresslucas says:

    Congrats, Cecília!

    As everybody said almost everything there is to say, I’ll just go with a huge THANK YOU! I learned more in this last month than ever before thanks to you and the fact you showed us, TEPers, you PLN, moreover, you introduced me to the wonderful people (including yourself) I’m learning lots from.

    You deserve this and all the prizes yet to come,


    • Lucas I am soooo proud of you and how much you’re interacting already! I am very happy you’re learning and sharing with the wonderful people we have on the PLN. Keep it up!!! And thank you for your kind words and support. My prize was in being found worthy of being read by my PLN. All I need 🙂


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