Hot off the Press!!! An Activity about Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs before Apple became THE Apple

I have an adult conversation class every Tuesday and Thursday. They’re very advanced speakers, most having had lived abroad in English-speaking countries, many already have proficiency certificates. We meet these two times a week to chat in English, about various topics so that they can maintain their English fluency. There isn’t a syllabus. They prefer not to have homework, no writing tasks. So we mostly focus on actual conversation, with the eventual work with vocabulary and student-emergent language work (meaning me going unplugged whenever I see a teaching moment, prompted by a sentence or comment by one of the students). When that happens, sometimes I bring the language in a more structured way the following class, sometimes I work with it immediately, using the board or coming up with ideas on the spot.

With this group I very often use a text (taken – and sometimes adapted) from a newspaper or news website from an English-speaking country, and I love to use things that are hot off the press. So after hearing the sad news about Steve Jobs passing away, I came up with this worksheet. It’s very basic: some vocabulary work, the reading and some discussion questions. I will probably not limit myself to the questions I wrote on the worksheet. I usually guide the discussions on a student/conversation-emergent basis – depending on how and where the discussion goes.

To begin the class I will have the image of an apple projected on the board, and ask learners to say the first thing that comes to mind. I expect at least one of them will mention the company and Steve Jobs. I’ll see how much conversation I can draw from there (let them share what they know/think about the company and its founder). then I’ll give them the worksheet and go with the flow 😉

It’s nothing special. But I thought it was worth sharing, so here it is.


If you have any other ideas, use this activity in any way, I’d love to hear how it went and which adaptations/changes/extra activities you did 🙂

11 comments on “Hot off the Press!!! An Activity about Steve Jobs

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  3. Greta idea, my students asked me this morning if I have heard of him, we talked a little bit about him without an plans. I am happy some of them were familiar with him, and will dedicate a one lesson in memory of Steve in my classes! Will share this!

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  5. resh says:

    I have a similar conversation group who really like to discuss current affairs. Tried this lesson with them and worked out very well. Thanks for sharing …great idea. I aso tired to incorporate Steve jobs Stanford speech (2005 ) as a listening task. They really loved the lesson.

  6. Catherine Travers says:

    Hi Cecilia

    This sounds great and ideal for some of my more advanced students but where is the worksheet/lesson please? Have I missed something?

    • Hi Catherine!

      There’s a link to the activity at the end of the post. Once you click it, it takes you to yet another page with another link. After you click on the link again it gives you the activity. Sorry… I still haven’t figured out how to do this in a simpler way 😦

  7. Kerri says:


    I just love your Blog – as I have mentioned before! I too have been very absent from Twitter and I am teaching my FIRST conversational ESL adult class and love this idea. I would love to hear about more ideas as I have no syllabus or anything and my students are at ALL levels… has been great experience thus far for me!

    Kerri @BostonGirl223

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