An Explanation….

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I have neglected my blog terribly for too long. No excuses other than lack of time. I believe most teacher will understand when I say it was a mix of end of semester, training sessions, a trip to the 9th Southern Cone in Curitiba (which I have a post in my mind, sharing what I learned there), preparing for and helping organize the Reform Symposium… and one week off to recharge the batteries for the new semester that begins Monday – not to mention the RSCON that’s taking place this weekend.

For those who subscribe and follow my blog, my sincere apologies. I promise to try to be better:-)

3 comments on “An Explanation….

  1. Chiew says:

    You aren’t the only one, Ceci! Relax, have fun, and good luck!

  2. Luciana says:

    And you still apologise!!!! RSCON was great! Congrats!

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